Preserved (Pickled) Leaf Mustard with Chicken 雪菜鸡肉

If you have ever tried Soup Noodles with Preserved (Pickled) Leaf Mustard and Shredded Pork 雪菜肉丝面 in a Chinese noodle shop or eatery, recall the base flavors of the soup noodles that is derived from the savory-umami and the lightly spiced mix of preserved leaf mustard and shredded pork, making it so appetizing.

Preserved (Pickled) Leaf Mustard and Shredded Pork 雪菜肉丝 is a popular dish of Zhejiang region (partially borders Shanghai) of China.

What makes Noodles with Preserved (Pickled) Leaf Mustard and Shredded Pork really "fast-food" in many noodle eateries is because preserved leaf mustard can be made in batches in advance, kept in the fridge for two to three days (sometimes even longer). Don't forget - the mustard greens have been preserved - so they keep longer (and better) than a dish made from fresh vegetables fried with pork.

I promised a non-vegetarian dish following this vegetarian Preserved Leaf Mustard with Crisp Tofu. Here it is today.

It is common to pair preserved leaf mustard with pork as the pork lends an otherwise natural subtle sweet flavor to the salty vegetables. However, as I seldom cook pork at home, this Preserved (Pickled) Leaf Mustard and Meat 雪菜肉丝 recipe was developed using chicken. In no way is this dish less tasty. In fact, when everything is made of scratch at home (including the preserved leaf mustard), it just makes everything so so delicious, and satisfying.

Come meal time, prepare rice or noodles, then serve it with preserved leaf mustard and chicken . Call it a complete meal, you will.

Preserved Leaf Mustard and Chicken 雪菜鸡肉
Ingredients:1-2 clove garlic, 2 green onions,2 thin slices of ginger, handful of preserved mustard greens, 1 chicken drumstick, deboned and cut into thin slices (marinated in cooking wine and a little white pepper, cornflour/baking soda); red chili flakes (for spice)

Directions: Aromatize the onions, and ginger in a hot wok with a little oil. Then add in garlic to further aromatize. Add in sliced chicken and fry till the chicken is browned and 70% cooked. Add the preserved mustard greens and fry briskly to spread out the vegetable shreds, and mix thoroughly with chicken. Add the red chili flakes and fry entire mixture for about 5 minutes and when chicken is cooked, drizzle cooking wine along the edges of the wok (hear it sizzle) for further aroma.


Definitely good with rice but better with noodles!

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