Sardine and Roasted Cabbage Pizza

How does Sardine and Cabbage pizza sound? Unheard of?

How about pita bread as the pizza base, with homemade sardine-tomato sauce using Wild Caught Brisling Sardines in Spring Water...

...baked in the oven (375F abt 15 mins till pita bread crisp up), then topped with roasted cabbage and before serving, add some fresh taste with arugula.

Woo la la!

These Sardine and Roasted Cabbage Pizza and Roasted Cauliflower Pizza are my favorite pizza creations to-date.

I have said it many times. Crown Prince Wild Caught  Brisling Sardines in Spring Water is my favorite canned sardines (in fact, canned fish). Recently I make my first food (grocery) purchase from Amazon and you are right, I got them in pack of 12 and each can rounds up to about $2.60 (much cheaper than retail price at natural health stores - usually about $3.50/can) ! Really a good deal. And these sardines are so tasty, fit to be consumed straight from the can (no cooking required).

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