Roasted Green Beans in Turmeric-Quinoa

The clock ticker above showed just about seven days to Thanksgiving. How are you planning to celebrate Thanksgiving - feasting? shopping? catching up with family and friends? vacation?

I did not know that greens beans is part of the holiday Thanksgiving tradition till I saw various green beans dishes popping up across the web.

What is better than incorporating roasted green beans into a quinoa mixture also filled with roasted bell peppers, carrots? Feel free to adjust the ratio of vegetables to quinoa. More veggies less quinoa or vice versa - it's up to you.

Cook the quinoa over the stove (infusing with pinch of ground turmeric) about 15mins; while roasting the vegetables with spices (turmeric, coriander, red chilli pepper) in the oven 375F for about 20 mins till the vegetables are cooked tender.

Buying Tip: I buy truRoots Organic Quinoa from Costco at about $10/4lbs and that is one of the best deal for quinoa, in my opinion. I used to buy quinoa in the bulk section when initially trying out this whole-grain (or seed) but ever since quinoa has become a "rice-substitute" staple (I have them at least once a week!) together with the other "carbs" such as brown rice/millet for congee; and pasta, I have decided to buy them in bulk quantity (wholesale price).

Quinoa cooks rather quickly. When the quinoa is almost cooked over the stove, start fluffing up with a fork. Turn off heat and continue fluffing the cooked quinoa. When quinoa is slightly cooled down, add in the roasted vegetables mixtures, then add raisins and mix well.

A perfect healthy side for any holiday meal this year. Don't you think?

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