Nagaimo (Mountain Yam) Tofu Soup 山药豆腐汤

This is a nourishing one-pot dish packed with proteins (mushrooms and tofu) and fiber (mountain yam - Nagaimo, 山药 and celery) adapted from a TV programme. The show particularly highlighted the benefits of mountain yam - Nagaimo and the host-cum-cook used soy milk (in replacement of water) for the added nourishment, as the cooking broth.

With this substantial one-pot dish that is able to stand as a meal, it can substitute carbs-of-the-day.

Nagaimo (Mountain Yam), Mushrooms and Tofu Soup/Stew 山药豆腐汤
Simmer unsweetened organic soymilk in a pot, add fresh mushrooms (4-6 shiitake mushrooms and 1 handful beech mushrooms), add 1 handful mountain yam - bite-size cubes, 1/2 block tofu - bite size cubes, 3 wedges tomatoes, 2 tbsp toasted ikan bilis, 1 organic celery thinly sliced. 3-5 slices of toasted nori (seaweed). Allow the pot of stew to simmer for about 10-15 minutes.

Note: Vegetarians can omit the ikan billis (dried anchovies).

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