Red Kale, Mango and Grape Salad

Though red kale is similar in taste and texture to green kale, there is still a subtle difference in my opinion. Red kale smells so perfumy! Or maybe it is this bunch of organic red kale I bought? I am quite sure it does not smell bad, just too good to be true. Anyway, I made this Red Kale Mango Grape Salad sometime back when we were doing outdoor grilling quite often. It is a great accompaniment to grilled food - fish e.g. Grilled Yellowtail Collar and/or chicken e.g. Honey Soy-Sauce Chicken, Dijon Mustard Chicken.

As there are bountiful of grapes at the farmer's market now, why not make it again?

When I made Arugula and Apricot Salad, I was so enjoying the balance of fresh bitter greens combined with the plump sweet-tart juiciness from fruits, so I thought something with kale, mango and grapes should work.


Moreover, Nami's Just One Cookbook Kale Salad with Mango was also reassurance that kale and mango will work.

Red Kale, Mango and Grape Salad
Remove the kale leaves from the stems, tear them up roughly to bite-size pieces. Halve the grapes and slice the mangoes and add them to the kale. Lightly toss and serve chilled.

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