Vegan "Sausage", Kale, Potato Soup

A vegetarian rendition of kale and sausage soup that I have always wanted to try cooking at home, but just waiting for the opportunity - the right time for sausages to appear in my kitchen. So it came the time that these vegan sausages chanced upon my house, so why not?

The spiced "sausages" in the soup definitely bring warmth in a cold winter day. The addition of potatoes made this an easy one-dish meal with carbs, protein, fiber all in one.

Some other kale and sausage combinations I have tried include Kale and Sausage Pasta, Chicken Hot Dog with Kale and Spicy Sausage Saute with Winter Greens.

What kind of warm and/or spicy dishes have you been cooking this winter?

Vegan Spicy Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup
Saute 1/2 medium onions finely minced, and 1 vegan sausage (Field Roast brand) sliced to bite-size for 2-3minutes, add water to make up the soup liquid, then add 1 medium russet potato, cubed to bite-size and boil for about 15minutes till potatoes are cooked. Then add a bunch of kale stems (Note: the leaves were used for saute earlier on) or simply use the whole of kale (the stems and leaves) here, finely chopped; and simmer till kale are tender and cooked.

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