Baked Eggs & Turkey Breast Ham Slice 烘蛋火鸡火腿片

Though I do not need to prepare breakfast for a family of four or more, it does not stop me from making six egg-bakes all at once. Egg and ham are breakfast partners, aren't they? They also appear in Egg and Ham Macaroni Soup quite recently.

Savory muffins e.g. Squash Muffins can be made in batches, leftovers stored in the fridge and consumed in the next day or two after re-heating. They will be gone in less than three days for sure.

In addition, oven-baking time is fully-utilized in a single use (saves energy, saves time, saves effort) batch process. If not intended for a main breakfast meal on-the-go, the leftovers are also handy as meal components being part of lunch or dinner.

Think of slicing these egg and ham muffin and filling up sandwiches or serve with rice or noodles. 

Egg and Turkey Breast Slice Bake, adapted from AnncooJournal
Ingredients: 1 pack AppleGate Organic Turkey Breast Slice ~7-8 slices, 6 organic eggs
Directions: Line the muffin pan with turkey breast then add one egg in each "muffin" cup. Bake in 390-400F pre-heated oven for about 15-20mins.

I love runny yolks of course, so at about the 15th min, I remove 2 egg-bakes from the pan, and continue baking the other four in the oven for additional 5-10mins to fully cook the yolk as I would be storing the fully-cooked ones in the fridge.

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