Sesame Broccoli 芝麻拌西兰花

This Sesame Broccoli is inspired by one of the banchan dishes served up in one of the Korean restaurants - Jang Su Jang in Santa Clara, California. I love all their side dishes (Japchae, Kimchi, Soy Bean Sprouts Salad, Mayo Apple Salad, Sesame Broccoli - just to name a few) and the eatery is also very generous in refilling those banchan dishes.

Sesame Broccoli, such a simple dish, why do I still need to get inspired? But the point is, we often forget the simplest of dishes.

Sesame Broccoli 芝麻拌西兰花
Blanched 1.5 -2 cups broccoli florets broccoli for abt 30 seconds or less till broccoli is just cooked, crunchy-tender, not too soft. Overcooking broccoli is a no-no.

Plunge the blanched broccoli in an ice-bath ice bath for about 5 minutes to maintain the crisp-tender texture and jade-green color. Then drain away water (Note: If short of time, I sometimes skip the ice-bath step and lay the blanched broccoli on a wide-area plate so that the broccoli can just cool off in room temperature).

When broccoli is cooled, toss with 1 tsp toasted sesame oil, pinch of sea salt and pinch of toasted sesame seeds.

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