Asparagus, Cauliflower, Chicken, Quinoa Bowl 蔬菜红薯鸡块藜麦主食沙拉

When the goal is to simply get healthy lunch and dinner on the table, it’s not a bad idea to stick with routine and habit. Routine makes it much easier to develop the habit of meal preparation.

Meal preparation has become quintessential ever since salad-bowl meals (e.g. Asparagus, Chicken and Potato Bowl, Mushrooms Broccoli and Green Bean Bowl) became house meals in my family. It is not extremely difficult; but a dedicated preparation will get us there, sooner and better.

The prep. work on Sunday, before the new week begins includes boiling and peeling a batch of eggs so that hard-boiled eggs are ready-to-use for the week; slicing broccoli and cauliflower into florets; dicing carrots, for example, so that these vegetables can be conveniently used for cooking during the work week.

Take this bowl, for example. It may seem an easily assembled meals but meal prep includes:

Asparagus, Cauliflower, Chicken, Quinoa Bowl 蔬菜红薯鸡块藜麦主食沙拉
(1) Cook a batch of quinoa (about six servings)

(2) Poach 2-3 chicken breasts (or use leftover rotisserie chicken)
(3) Boil 10 hard-boiled eggs, one egg per person per meal (serves two each meal, for five meals)

When it is meal time, reheat the cooked quinoa and chicken; and steam the vegetables.

This is also a healthy and nutritious post-workout meal balanced with lean protein, fiber, whole grains, good fats; and powered by antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Moving forward, I will be sharing more of such meals and meal ideas. Stay tuned!

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