Chicken Broccoli Salad Bowl with Corn, Sweet Potato

My new-found favorite store-bought rotisserie chicken is the perfectly plain roasted variety from Whole Foods Market. By perfectly plain roasted, it means chicken, and no other seasonings. However, that does not mean no flavor. The chicken is still naturally flavorful, moist and tender.

Besides being wallet-friendly, a pre-cooked whole chicken saves time in the kitchen, so that a salad-bowl meal such as Broccoli, Cauliflower Chicken Quinoa Bowl, Asparagus Cauliflower Chicken Quinoa Bowl or this Vegetables and Rotisserie Chicken Bowl with Corn and Sweet Potato can be ready and steady in no time.

This is the kind of wholesome, healthy and delicious meal treat that I look forward to, after a good morning workout. Check these workout meals (pre- or post-workout) that were prepared with mindful eating and balanced nutrition in mind.

Vegetables and Rotisserie Chicken Bowl with Corn, Sweet Potato
1 drumstick and 1 chicken wing from rotisserie chicken for each bowl (Tip: Save the leftover thigh and breast meat for other dishes)
2-3 cups of baby broccoli, prepared to bite-sizes
1/3-1/2 sweet corn
1-2 cups organic salad greens
1/2 sweet potato (mix of purple sweet potato and Japanese yellow-flesh sweet potato; you can use any variety of your choice), roasted at 400F about 40-45mins till cooked (Cooking/Meal Prep. Tip: As part of meal prep., roasting can be done a few hours in advance before the actual meal. I usually roast the sweet potatoes in the morning. then set it aside before I head out. An auto-off oven that does not constantly beep will be perfect unless you are at home to turn off the oven (and stop the beeping)  When home at lunch time, all that is required is steam the veggies, and set up the salad bowl meal. In this way, from the time I am back home at noon, lunch can be ready in less than 15 mins)

Directions: Steam the baby broccoli with garlic, and sweet corn for 5 minutes. Layer the salad bowl with steamed veggies, store-bought chicken, roasted sweet potato and serve with salad greens.

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