Avocado with Sardine Ricotta Cheese

Now, can anyone tell me if ricotta cheese is considered "healthy" cheese? Or bluntly, are all cheese(es) unhealthy? High sodium? High fat?

So that you know, our family does not buy reduced-fat milk or half-half, always going for whole milk. On the same note, we do not go for reduced-fat, skimmed-fat cheese. If ricotta cheese is super-fattening, we better cut down on the usage, especially when I have found a super easy way to create a dip/spread/filling (e.g. Sardine Ricotta Cheese Spread) out of it, and this convenience might be deemed a hidden evil.

Not only this is an easy recipe to fall back on when we are in a rush, it is also a mess-free filling and spread for sandwiches and a wonderfully great pre- or post-workout snack (morning and/or in the afternoon) when paired with vegetables and fruits such as celery, bell peppers, avocados and apples.

Avocado with Sardine Ricotta Cheese Filling
1 avocado, sliced half, remove the seed
2 cans of sardines (my favorite is Crown Prince Brisling Sardines, sometimes switching between King Oscar brand, or Wild Planet)
4-6 tbsp (or more, if you want more cheese to sardine ratio) ricotta cheese (Trader Joes)
6-8 sprigs of cilantro, finely chopped
Fresh ground black pepper

Directions: In a deep mixing bowl, mash up the sardines (canned tuna also works), then add ricotta cheese and mix well. When evenly mixed, add the cilantro, mix again, then add freshly ground black pepper. Fill the avocado pit with the sardine-cheese filling. Prepare more avocados to fill if you are serving more. You can also use the filling as spread or dips. Store remaining filling in airtight container about 3 days in the fridge.

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