Healthy Rainbow Veggies/ Vegetables Wrap

A vegetables or veggies wrap is a great way to consume vegetables on the go. The "bread" becomes an edible "container" that houses the brightly-colored vegetable salad.

It is not easy to load up on veggies in a sandwich (see Perilla Leaf, Egg Cucumber Sandwich), due to the usable "real estate" on two slices of bread (technically, it is just the area of one slice). I mean, how much (and how high) can you go, to make it easy to eat?

However, a wrap is somewhat different. First, the surface area is bigger. Second, the "bread" used (be it tortilla, or lavash bread) is pliable enough to roll. This way, more veggies get loaded in, yet still less of a mess to eat.

That is my personal experience of a sandwich vs a wrap. Do you have your experiences to share, when it comes to making a vegetable sandwich vs a wrap?

Some easy and healthy veggie wrap ideas I wish to share with you today:

The above, a Rainbow Veggie Wrap using lavash bread with layers of colorful veggies - collard greens, beets, bell peppers, Casper kale, peppercress.

Salad Greens, Tahini, Sliced Almonds Wrap
A veggie wrap idea that incorporates protein from tahini - a sesame paste/sauce made from 100% ground sesame, and sliced almonds. Instead of tahini as protein source, you can dollop hummus or slather peanut butter on the bread. Then, layer organic salad greens, sliced almonds on the bread, and start rolling. This is a quick healthy snack to prepare, convenient to bring along on-the-go, and easy to bite into.

Another protein option is eggs - hard-boiled (chopped up or sliced to wedges), scrambled or veggie omelet e.g. Moringa Egg Omelet. Add a veggie omelet and make this Avocado, Sweet Potato Veggie Omelet Wrap.

Chicken and Veggie Wrap
A non-vegetarian wrap by incorporating shredded chicken (from leftover rotisserie chicken) into a veggie based of lettuce, beets, bell peppers, cucumber, salad greens.

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