Chicken Hot Dog Sausage Baguette

It's summer hot dog season, and there is always a "better" hot dog to work on. When I prepared Chicken Hot Dogs with Sauteed Kale last time, I made it a point to use "better" sausages (best is to make your own), "better" hot dog buns (best to bake your own), and "better" sauce (best to have NO sauce).

Out of these, going without sauce was the easiest (to practice). I also chose just-a-few-ingredients baguette bread as the bun and minimal-ingredients-list, low-sodium sausages (True Story Foods Organic Organic Chicken Hot Dogs)

Besides, these brightly colored vegetables of arugula, red bell peppers, red onions, and purple cabbage balance out the guilt in making this hot dog healthier and more nutritious.

I would not want to eat a hot dog as a main meal if there is only meat and bread (meat+ bread, for a snack, perhaps?).

Chicken, Red Cabbage, Arugula Hot Dog Baguette 
True Story Foods Organic Organic Chicken Hot Dogs
Organic Baguette Bread from Trader Joes
Sliced organic bell peppers, red onions, purple cabbage
Handful of organic arugula
(NoteThe quantities of ingredients will depend on how much you like to squeeze into the bun.)

Directions: Boil the hot dogs for 8-10mins (Note: You can roast in the oven or grill them, but I like to use boiling as a way to reduce the salt in the hot dog). Allow hot dogs to cool a little. Then assemble as shown.


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