Spicy Soy Bean Sprouts

Similar to mung bean sprouts (germinated mung beans), soy bean sprouts (germinated soy beans) provide important B Vitamins e.g.thiamin, riboflavin, niacin; and minerals e.g. folate and zinc.

Keeping it simple (and not over-cooking) is the key when it comes to cooking bean sprouts. Personally, mung bean sprouts often have a stronger raw taste, so I usually prefer to stir-fry/saute them quickly as the heat/oil helps in removing its raw taste. On the other hand, soy bean bean retains its crunchy texture much better when blanched in boiling water. Using blanched soy bean sprouts, an easy Spicy Soy Bean Sprouts salad side-dish takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, and pairs well with rice e.g. Easy Healthy Korean Bibimbap, or noodles e.g Kimchi Noodles.

Spicy Soy Bean Sprouts
1 pack (3-4 big handfuls of raw soy bean sprouts), blanched quickly in boiling water, set aside to cool, squeeze out excess water of the blanched sprouts when cooled
Homemade spicy gochujang dressing (recipe here)

Directions: Mix blanched bean sprouts (already cooled to room temperature) with homemade spicy dressing.

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