Pan-Fried Smelt Fish (with Roe)

Shishamo (Smelt Fish with Roe), a Japanese delicacy usually grilled or fried whole, when served in Japanese restaurants. This delicacy can be quite addictive if you enjoy fish roe. If you are not the diner who easily gets squeamish over fish head, and fuss about fish bones (in this case, smelt bones are very soft and not prickly) - you will find that it is super easy to enjoy this fish - deep-fried, pan-fried, oven-grilled or oven-roasted.

I pan-fried these smelt fish like how I have done it for sardines (recipe: Pan-Fried Sardines) and yellow croaker fish (recipe: Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker). Pan-Fried Smelt Fish is so delicious that no bones will be left. Good news! No food wastage. Better news! Great source of calcium.

A "small fish" similar to sardines and anchovies, smelt is low in mercury and is a good source of calcium, and Vitamin D (Source:

Pan-Fried Smelt Fish with Roe
Ingredients:7oz (about 10-12) smelt fish
Cooking oil to oil the pan

Directions: Start a hot pan with a little cooking oil but make sure the entire pan is uniformly "oiled" over the pan surface. When the oil is hot, pan-fry each side for 4-5mins, till crisp.