Oven-Roasted Capelin (Smelt) Fish

The Pan-Fried Capelin Fish (part of Smelt fish family) were a real tasty treat but this Oven-Grilled/ Roasted Capelin/ Smelt Fish are even better, as they are equally delicious yet easier to execute.

A great source of protein, omega-3 and calcium, when the entire fish from the head to the tail including the bones can be enjoyed by the happy belly and that's also a bonus of no food wastage. Now the greater better part is fuss-free cooking with the oven doing all the work.

Served as side-dish, or atop veggie-grain bowl, this Oven-Grilled/ Roasted Capelin/ Smelt Fish is always the star.

Oven-Grilled/Roasted Capelin (Smelt) Fish
About 1 pound of smelt fish*, thawed from frozen. Rinse away any water from the thawed fish, then dab/dry them with paper towels - this step is important so that the fish will crisp up faster while roasting in the oven.
Seasoning (pinches) of garlic powder, ginger powder, ground turmeric, ground black pepper, paprika
Olive oil to brush on baking tray/ parchment paper lined tray

Directions: Preheat oven 400F. Roast 15-20mins one side, then flip the fish to other side and continue roasting about 15-20mins (about 15-20mins per side, total will be at least 30mins for the fish to crisp up).

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