Corn Tuna Bread Rolls Buns

Surprise surprise! This was what I did - Homemade Corn Tuna Bread Rolls, when the corn-tuna mix could not fill all the avocado in these Corn Tuna Avocado Cups.

Well, I am happy to say "I baked!" but equally ashamed to be using store-bought ready-to-use dough for these Corn Tuna Bread Rolls. These savory Corn Tuna Bread Rolls with soft fluffy bread filled with sweet (corn kernels)-savory (tuna) were addictive! The dough-bread was also given generous touches of dried herb sprinkles just before sending off into the oven to bake. Another advantage of making these breads at home is the bread rolls can be loaded with more filling, to optimize the ratio of filling to bread.

The ready-to-use dough is not the healthiest, belongs to the evil list of ultra-processed food items but I succumbed to the spur-of-the-moment one day - that temptation to have homemade (or rather semi-homemade) Asian bakery-style bread rolls and buns. Though the corn and tuna that made up the filling are canned items, at least each filling ingredient is reasonably minimally processed.

Corn Tuna Bread Roll
1-2 cups corn-tuna mix, refer recipe
Pillsbury crescent rolls ready-to-use dough, store-bought
1-2tsp dried herbs - oregano, parsley

Directions: Preheat oven 350F (or recommended temperature of store-bought dough). Remove dough from package according to instructions and use as instructed. Fill the corn-tuna onto the prepared cut-outs, then rolled to desired shape and size. Sprinkle dried herbs onto the unbaked rolls, then bake in oven using the timing-guide on the package instructions for the bread rolls to cook and bake.