Chayote Shoots with Sesame Tahini Sauce Dressing

Chanced upon lovely bunches of chayote shoots (what a rare find!) at the local farmer's market and decided to make Chayote Shoots Salad. In the like of Edible Chrysanthemum Shungiku Salad, Spiced Edible Chrysanthemum Shungiku and Celery Tofu Salad, these vegetables are given a quick blanch, cooled, then served with a simple dressing of extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar mix; or for Asian greens e.g. Edible Chrysanthemum/Shungiku (also known as Tung Hao in Mandarin) a drop (or two) of sesame oil and pinches of ground white pepper occasionally does the trick.

Depending on its consistency, tahini - made from ground sesame seeds, also works well as dressing (e.g. Okra with Tahini Dressing) for almost all kinds of vegetables including Chayote Shoots Salad.

Chayote Shoots Salad with Tahini Dressing 芝麻辣酱拌茼蒿
1 bunch of chayote shoots blanched (few minutes till the shoots softened) and remove excess water/moisture by squeezing it dry
2-3 tbsp sesame tahini (use store-bought or grind your own at home)
Sprinkles of toasted sesame seeds

Directions: When chayote shoots has cooled, gradually adjust quantity of tahini to mix into the shoots till desired flavor. Before serving, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.