Corn Tuna Avocado Cups

Fresh corn (on the cob) tastes the best but when not in peak season, frozen (much preferred option) and/or canned corn can be a convenient alternative - great in Corn Salad, Spicy Corn Kernels and Pea, Corn Lettuce Wrap.

Our pantry may not stock canned corn but the same does not apply to canned sardines which, besides canned beans, is the most well-stocked in our pantry (recipe: Avocado Sardine Toast); and sometimes canned tuna (recipe: Tuna Chickpea Endive Wrap) - see a pantry cabinet filled with canned sardines. Now, there was just one and only, long forgotten tin of corn kernels sitting on the pantry shelf - probably purchased because of huge discount or sale then - which will be used in today's side-dish/ snack Corn and Tuna Avocado Cups.

The combination of sweet corn and briny savory tuna is a classic combo, so here is this super quick and easy appetizer/snack for today - Corn and Tuna Avocado Cups - a good balance of protein and healthy fats (also try Avocado with Sardine Ricotta Cup).

There will definitely be leftovers for this corn-tuna mash because there are not many avocados to go around. This corn-tuna mix is also very versatile e.g. sandwiches/wraps and atop salad bowls. So, feel free to make a batch, store in airtight container to last in the fridge about 2-3 days.

Corn and Tuna Avocado Cups
1 can of corn kernel, drain away excess liquid
1 can tuna, drain away excess liquid
1 avocado, sliced to half, remove seed
1 tbsp (optional) salad dressing - can be mayo, ranch, thousand island, Dijon mustard (Note: we just happened to have unused dip/dressing from take-out food which was not discarded the other day, so kept in the fridge to reduce food wastage, and ended up adding to to corn-tuna mix for creaminess. A great better substitute will be Greek yogurt.)
Pinch of black pepper, dried herbs e.g. oregano, parsley

Directions: Preheat oven 350F. Add corn kernels and tuna into a bowl, pinch of seasonings, then mix thoroughly, slightly mashing the tuna in the same time. Scoop corn-tuna mix into the avocado, and toast in oven for about 5-8mins, just to warm things up. Keep remaining corn-tuna mix in the fridge (airtight container in fridge about 2-3 days) for use in sandwiches or salad toppings.