Muffin-Style Baked Eggs - 12 runny eggs 8 minutes!

Not sure if this is a new idea for you but this gotta be one of the easiest (currently preferred) way for me to have eggs with runny yolks besides 1. poaching (technique and "eyeballing" is involved), 2. par-boiling (need to gauge the time), and 3. fry it sunny-side up, eggs over easy (need to fry in oil, in a wok!)

Do you like eggs with runny yolks? What is your preferred way to cook it?

Just when I did not have enough ramekins at home and wanted to find a way to do more than one individual baked-egg dish.

...this "pan" to my rescue. No ordinary but the muffin pan! w00t!

Oh, the humble egg transformed to a "muffin" egg!

This is also one of the best ways to do batch-cooking! I mean, you can cook 12 eggs (with runny yolks) in 8 minutes, one-go! Not because you really need to eat 12 eggs one-time but just in case you need to cook for a family of 4 or 6 and everyone wants their runny egg?!

Even a large-sized cast iron skillet can't do 12 eggs at one time! Talking about cast-iron, I just saw that the best deal to get a high-quality Lodge cast-iron skillet is the 8-inch pan at just $10.04 - FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25

I bought my 6-inch similar few months ago at $10 and it was rather small-ish. For almost the same price, an 8-inch would be so good. Shall I buy another one?

Back to "simplified" "muffin" baked-eggs...garnish any way you like.

My childhood style would be soy sauce and ground white pepper.

For this round, some just dried herbs and dash of white pepper.

Other uses for muffin pans:
Spaghetti Squash Frittata
Great kitchen organizer

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