Better Body Foods Organic Superfood Blend with Protein

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It makes perfect sense to have a wholesome, nutritious and healthy meal in the morning. However, many of us actually do not spend enough time on breakfast - whether it is preparing or eating.

Personally, I (try to) make sure the family gets a wholesome and healthy breakfast before we start our day, and meal preparation got it done for us better and faster. Within a typical precious 30-minute time-frame in the busy morning, this batch-prepared (once per week or once every two weeks) Homemade Oat Grains, Nuts and Seeds Muesli has given me the luxury to eat and enjoy breakfast at the table without the need to scuffle in the kitchen to put something decent together.

With homemade muesli, all I need is organic milk, fresh fruits, and Better Body Foods’ Organic LIVfit Superfood Blend with Protein.

Better Body Foods’ Organic LIVfit Superfood Blend with Protein* is a fully vegan blend made from whole fruit and vegetable concentrates, enriched with superfoods including pea protein, flax seed powder, chia seed powder and hemp protein.

I add one-two scoops (equivalent to half-one serving) into my breakfast muesli (shown above) and this superfood blend is a great supplement to start the day strong filled with positive energy. Not only this is great pre-workout breakfast/workout meal to fuel you in your morning exercise or workout training, the blend of antioxidants and proteins also works as post-workout supplement to help repair and maintain muscles.

*The samples received was complimentary and opinions expressed about the product are my own.

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