Mini Ramekin Eggs

When planning for large batch fried-eggs or frittatas, turn to the muffin tinMuffin-Style Baked Eggs with Turkey Breast, Muffin-Style Baked Eggs, Veggie-Egg Frittatas. Of course, the good'ol baking tray/sheet pan can do the same batch-cooking job like how this Chive Frittata was made. Honestly, the muffin tin only makes the eggs look a little prettier and cuter as individual servings.

Short on eggs? Or just not making too many? Turn to the oven-friendly mini ramekin. These mini ramekin eggs are good-sized and shaped to fill your breakfast English muffin (McDonald's style Egg Mcmuffin). Enjoy them for breakfast or healthy snacks.

They are also easy protein add-ons to bowl-meals or workout meal.

Mini Ramekin Eggs
2 eggs
Drizzle of olive oil
Pinch of salt, pepper, dried herbs

Line the ramekin with parchment paper and oil the parchment. Crack the eggs into parchment-lined ramekin. Pinch of salt , black pepper and dried herbs on the egg. Bake 350F about 20mins (longer for fully-cooked yolks or shorter time for runny yolks) till the eggs are set and cooked.