Sheet-Pan Eggs Sunnyside Up

This oven-friendly method of making mini ramekin eggs was improvised using Sheet-Pan Eggs recipe. Right now, there are no ramekins/containers to wash, equaling the luxury of making egg frittatas: Frozen Veggies Egg Frittata, Onion Egg Frittata, Cheese Egg Frittata.

Egg frittata is a wonderful opportunity to include more veggies in your daily meals. Hard-boiled eggs is batch-cooking friendly, offers convenient protein add-on to protein bowls, but definitely not as quick and time-saving when there is a dozen to peel. Sheet-Pan Eggs is then the answer to quick, easy, no-fuss, batch-cooking sunny-side up fried eggs which are great for filling sandwiches/wraps and top up protein bowls.

Sheet-Pan Eggs
6 eggs or as much as a dozen if you prefer a bigger batch
Pinch of ground black pepper, dried herbs if you prefer
Drizzle of olive oil

Directions: Drizzle olive oil on parchment paper lined tray. Crack 6 eggs on parchment paper. Cook in 350F pre-heated oven for about 20mins till the eggs are cooked. Adjust cooking time accordingly as runnier yolks take shorter time to cook vs fully cooked yolks.