Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta

Besides this updated Easy Garlic Bread Toast recipe, there is also an upgraded version - yet another easy and delicious recipe: Crispy Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta.

I love how the leftover chicken skin crisp up while the bread gets toasted in the oven. The chicken skin brought in savory flavors and a wow-factor into this otherwise ordinary bruschetta. Enjoy with this budget-friendly asparagus soup (made from "scraps" you might unknowingly discard).

I cannot emphasize enough how versatile and budget-friendly rotisserie chickens are; and especially if you are able to find good quality store-bought rotisserie chicken, that is definitely a time-saver to making a variety of dishes, and budget-friendly at the same time when you cleverly work leftover chicken into your meal plans e.g. 20-minute Leftover Chicken Breast Salad.
Chicken Skin Tomato Bruschetta
French bread, sliced about quarter-inch thickness each slice (or use any bread of your choice)
Thin slices of tomato, cucumber
Shredded chicken (with skin or skinless) already at room-temperature (option to use leftover rotisserie chicken)
Dash of garlic powder + pinch of dried herbs
Drizzle of olive oil

Directions: Preheat oven 400F. Lay bread on baking tray. Layer tomatoes, cucumber, shredded chicken on the bread (as shown). Dash of garlic powder, pinch of dried herbs and drizzle olive oil over. Toast in pre-heated oven about 5-8 minutes till bread gets toasty and chicken skin crispy. Serve warm as appetizers or snacks.