Beef Tri-Tip Protein Veggie Bowl

Besides ready-cooked duck and ready-cooked beef sirloin, one can also choose store-bought pre-marinated meat while preparing protein bowls.

Almost like a half-way point, though not as quick as ready-cooked, buying it pre-marinated raw meat then roasting/cooking it at home can still save time in meal preparation.

This beef tri-tip was purchased from Costco. Inventory/pricing at your local Costco may vary.

Beef Tri-Tip Protein Veggie Bowl
1 pack (4 servings), Steakhouse Beef Tri-Tip from Costco (1 pack is about 4 servings or 4 meals)
About 4-5 servings mixed vegetables of your choice e.g. cabbage, carrot, cauliflower
2-3 cloves garlic, minced

Cook beef according to package directions. Steam vegetables with garlic for about 5mins. When done, layer the base of the salad bowl with colorful steamed vegetables and topped with sliced beef. (Note: Personally, there was no need for dressing as the deep beefy flavors are more than enough to make the entire dish very flavorful and delicious).