Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vegetarian Braised "Meat" Mushroom-Tofu Sauce/Rou-Zhao 素肉燥

If you do not know, I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory series. I never watched any American drama while growing up. Not a single one. However, we chanced upon The Big Bang Theory some years ago in the US when the local channel kept showing repeats, and then we were kinda (unknowingly) addicted and knowingly, we watched all eight seasons, repeat telecasts and repeat telecasts.

This is going to sound even more exaggerating.

No matter how many times we have watched, we just went back to ...MORE..REPEATS. Well, of course, not every single episode is hilarious; but in general, most are. Some airlines even have an entire collection of one season - all (about 12) episodes in their on-board entertainment system, and again, we watched the repeats on the plane, not even interested in any of the new-release movie.

The Mr. and myself do not know why we could relate so well with The Big Bang Theory, but we logically attributed the cause to: both of us having engineering/technical background, so maybe we are able to relate to the jokes of geeks and nerds. Or perhaps both are us are THE geeks or nerds?! I don't know.

If you also follow this TV series (Season 8 is done, awaiting Season 9), you should know that Sheldon has a theme for every day/night e.g. Saturday night is laundry night, Thursday night is pizza night and occasionally, when there is no theme, they call it Anything-Can-Happen night, which brings the point to this post.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tofu Vegetables Rice Paper Rolls 素米卷

If you work (or cook) in the kitchen very often, you will find that you get new ideas for your next dish just when you are preparing the current dish. Do you?

These rice rolls were "conceptualized" when I made tofu bibimbap. I was thinking - most of these ingredients can actually fit into a rice wrapper and be made into a rice roll. Since there were some leftover bibimbap ingredients namely pan-fried tofu, red bell pepper, radish, baby spinach - why not have another creation for appetizers? Then came these Tofu-Pepper-Radish Rice Paper Rolls.

And no, I did not use gochujang as the sauce-dipper for these rolls lest it became a deconstructed bibimbap with "rice" wrapping the ingredients. You can jolly well make that happen if you wanted to. However, all I wanted was refreshing rice rolls with sweet-tangy-spicy sauce dip, so I made Honey-Vinegar-Sambal Sauce Dip to go with the rice rolls.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Khorasan Wheat (Kamut) Bean Salad

The last time I made Garbanzo Beans/Chickpea Salad, I enjoyed it quite a lot. As a result, such bean salads make quite a regular appearance, especially on hot summer days; and given a new spin each time. As always, if I can accomplish a one-dish meal in a salad, why not?

Time to add some carbs.

Pasta it shall be. Not the usual pasta, not even whole wheat pasta. But organic Khorasan (Kamut®) wheat, an ancient grain that is not only rich in healthy fiber, protein, and magnesium but also a good source of iron, thiamin Vitamin B1, niacin Vitamin B3, and zinc.

The rich nutty flavors of Khorasan wheat complements the sweet tangy dressing and refreshing bell peppers and herbs notes in this Khorasan Wheat (Kamut®) Bean Salad.

I am guessing I will be faulted when I say this but this salad makes a very good TV dinner (or rather, maybe computer-streamed videos these days?). As one eats guilt-free, one commits another sin of a sit-down meal with "eyes-hooked-on-screen".